01/22/05    Bush shocks Hawaiians with "Hawaiian Salute"

Washington (Rotters) - Residents of the fiftieth state of Hawaii in attendance to the inauguration on Thursday expressed "shock and awe" as the president greeted the University of Hawaii Warriors marching band with a hand gesture at the reviewing stand.

Scott McClellan, spokesman for the White House was quoted as saying, "This appears to be a very misunderstood and playful gesture upon the part of the President. He was simply showing a sign of unity and healing in reference to POW's from the past in Vietnam, by showing the "Hawaiian Greeting Sign."

Presidential twins, Jenna and Barbara, seen in the photograph behind Mr. Bush were quoted as saying,” We’re sorry. The whole thing was probably our fault. Dad has always talked about his stories as a fighter jock in Vietnam and about the secret signals that they had to use as prisoners. We saw the band coming, and told him to give them the Hawaiian Greeting he's always talking about."

Thereafter, Mr. Bush was seen to use the gesture frequently throughout the remainder of the parade as was Vice President Cheney. It was noted to be quite a crowd pleaser as he frequently directed good natured greetings toward visible and vocal protesters.

A representative for Jerry Farwell was quoted as saying, " While we were initially shocked at the gesture, we feel that there is no harm done. The President was simply trying to get out the message that this is a true Christian administration. In the excitement of the day, and filled to overflowing with Faith, he simply got his fingers mixed up."