05/17/05 Flash: Bush Administration Officially Recants Story of WMD's


Washington Succumbing to world pressure and shame today the Bush administration and the Pentagon acknowledged the credibility of the infamous "Downing Street Memo".  In a statement read by Press Secretary Scott McClellan, the administration further admitted to lapses in judgment in its "war against terror" which resulted in the use of torture to gain information which was admittedly of little or no real value. Since the US invasion of Iraq on the premise of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" untold hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed or maimed as well as over 1600 American Servicemen dead and over 12,000 officially reported as wounded. The Middle East remains a hotbed for growing Islamic fundamentalist terrorism with daily terrorist acts in Iraq and abroad despite the meager administration gains in enforcing a non-theocratic democracy in Iraq.

An anonymous spokesman for "The World" acknowledged that the Bush Administration's admissions today were a good "first step", but that much more needed to be done to restore stability in regions where spontaneous rioting had been recently occurring. When pressed with the question of whether the Bush Administration's retraction was in response to growing demands for international prosecution, the spokesman for "The World" simply smiled and said, "No comment..."

(It took me getting a little sleep last night to be able to put my finger on why my hypocrisy meter had blown a fuse yesterday. I was pretty angry over Newsweek having to print the "Quran Swirlie" retraction. I attempted to discuss this with Mrs Dood, as she is always a very good moderate republican opinion. Her take is that Newsweek is ultimately responsible for the piece, veracity or no, and the ultimate consequences that it has for our troops in harm's way. Needless to say, I dropped the issue and went to bed... as I love my wife... This morning, I thought about it, and came to the real conclusion that in many ways she is correct... there is an ultimately responsible party in all of this... It rests squarely on the shoulders of "The Giggling Butcher of Crawford" and we should never fail in our duty to carry this forward through whatever Rovian shenanigans The Third Right seeks to obfuscate with...)