05/28/05 Schwarzenegger Attempts to Backfill Publicity Stunt

Sacramento (APE) The Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger initially refused to comment today about a publicity stunt yesterday which has apparently backfired. In a photo opportunity arranged yesterday in San Jose, California, Governor Schwarzenegger had a crew dig up a section of street so that he could be shown filling it in an effort to increase public desire for funding transportation projects.

Early this morning the folly of the PR stunt became apparent...

Florence N. Gayle, RN, of San Jose surveys the damage to her vehicle

Unbeknownst to the work crew, they had apparently slightly damaged a city water line, which overnight eroded away much of the foundation under the street, leaving a crust of pavement covering a huge hole.

Florence N Gayle, of San Jose, a registered nurse on the way to work at 4AM had the misfortune of driving over the festering asphalt encrusted pustule. "I was driving along, listening to my "Village People's Greatest Hits" CD, because, you know, that really perks me up when I'm having to work the graveyard to make ends meet, and then there was this loud bang and I was thrown forward against my seat belt and the airbag."<p>
Ms Gayle continued, "Fortunately for me, I'm an ICU nurse, and we're trained to think fast and not to panic. I saw the water rising and I just undid my belt, rolled down the window and got out. I guess I am pretty lucky to be alive."

When informed of the circumstances surrounding the accident, Ms Gayle commented, "Well, now that just (expletive deleted) figures, now doesn't it!"

Ironically, Governor Schwarzenegger was appearing at a very exclusive and expensive Republican fund raising dinner last night at the state capitol. The highlight of the evening was a video in which the governor sang a parody of The Village People's song, "YMCA". Through the magic of digital manipulation, the governor was able to play all of the parts at once in the video.

An excerpt from Governor Schwarzenegger's video performance from last night:

"R.N. I'll be takin' you down.
I said R.N., lick my boots on the ground.
I said R.N., I kick you out of the town
Cause it makes me oh so happy.

R.N. there's no place you can go.
I said R.N., we're takin' all of your dough.
You can stay here, but I'm sure you will find,
That it pays to gripe on your time.

I'll be takin' on the whole CNA....
I'm takin' all of their retirement away"



Initially, the governor refused to comment, but later this morning he stated to reporters, "California can rest assured that I will dedicate all of the state's resources to a full investigation of this incident. If it turns out that the driver in question is not at fault then all charges will be dropped. I think that this just shows very clearly the difficult choices that California must make if we are to have good roads and streets that are safe for our children to play in."

The California Nurses Association declined comment.