07/07/05 What is wrong with this picture?

Could this logo be the greatest Freudian slip in advertising and propaganda history? I apologize if someone has thought of this and documented it before, but this is the logo for a DOD offshoot website called America Supports You This is it in various presentations, and the black one is straight off a jacket being worn by Donald Rumsfeld at the NASCAR Pepsi 400 on July 2.

Now, I have been accused of being not entirely wound right, and it’s probably true… but… I’ve seen all these support ribbons and such, and I was having a little trouble deciphering this one. I was particularly cognitively dissonant to the black one on Rummy’s jacket… I was asking myself, ‘what in the heck is that stylized little white dangly thingie in the middle of the ribbon… In retrospect, I finally got it, and realized that it was supposed to represent a dogtag… But, swear to God, the first thing that I came up with was that it was a ZIPPER TO A BODYBAG! I still say it looks more like that!

Psychologically, the truth almost always will out… dog tags and body bags are kind of intimately related, so I’m going to stand behind my assertion that this little ad fiasco is a heck of a goof on somebody’s part… or… hmmm… is it more insidious intentional propaganda to get us to support an illegal, immoral and unjust war. 

Please do not try to pigeonhole me as not supporting our troops, because I am constantly trying to do so in the best way that I know how, by bringing an end to this petroleum adventurism ASAP and getting everyone home safe.