07/12/05 Scott McClellan Faces Second Day of Rove Questions

Assistant Karl Rove seen accompanying President Bush earlier today

Washington DC (Rotters) - The White House said on Tuesday that it has every confidence in Karl Rove's ability to do the right thing. This answer comes in response to a roiling sea of controversy over the outing of CIA undercover operative Valerie Plame.

"Any individual who works here at the White House has the president's confidence. They wouldn't be working here if they didn't have the president's confidence," McClellan told reporters in answer to a question. "I've known Karl for a long time, and he's cool as a cucumber under the gun; he would never draw a blank in a situation like this. We would all willingly sacrifice our lives for the President, we believe in this administration so much."

Leading Democrats continue to insist upon Rove's resignation and or prosecution. Joe Biden of Delaware, the senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said, "He should be fired first and prosecuted if he in fact leaked the name. This sure is looking like no way out."