11/02/04  Just Hit the Highway


Bush loses election! I sure hope so… I’m posting this in hopes that it comes true by tomorrow morning.  It’s about Bush losing the election… sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s, “My Way”. If Bush wins, I’ll still leave it up because I think it’s pretty funny. Maybe it will still apply after he’s impeached and convicted!


Just Hit the Highway



And now, the end is near

For me and Dick, behind the curtain

My friend, I need a beer

I’d drink a case, I’m really hurtin’

I spun, a lot of bull

And tried to look, like one tough Hombre

But they all, they told me this, “Just hit the highway.”


The debts, passed on to you

Its such a sin, its caused dissention

The breaks, I gave to you

Its all voodoo, goes to my pension

No plans, no charted course

No careful steps, I’ll do it my way

But you, you told me this, “Just hit the highway.”


Yes there were crimes, you’ll catch the Flu

The terror threat, just grew and grew

God made the calls, I fished for trout

I made it up, don’t act putout

You had the gall, to say this fall, “Just hit the highway.”


I’ve shoved, Saddam aside

To take their oil, for Halliburton

Allowed our guys to die

I’d like to shoot the ones desertin’

It stinks; I’ll give you that,

But I will pray, each night to Yawheh

Oh no! You said to me, “Just hit the highway.”


I’ll work on my tan, become a have-not

I’ll testify, that “I forgot”.

Before I swing I’ll appeal, save my neck, cut a deal.

You’ll never know if I did the blow, I’ll just hit the highway.