11/10/04  Weapons of Mass Deception

What is wrong with this picture?  Obviously, America lost the election and there are not enough red circles with slashes!  I'll keep this picture posted and update as needed.

Not wishing any ill will upon anyone, it was still exciting news yesterday to learn that John Ashcroft would be stepping down!  No good reasons were given, in my opinion, and I'd have to agree with the speculation of excessive stress.  I frequently heard said about Ashcroft that people just couldn't believe he had the "gall" to say and do the things that he did.  Apparently, spending four years just outside the bounds of common sense takes a toll on person.  This apparently resulted in Mr. Ashcroft having to undergo removal of his gallbladder.  How ironic... I guess he really doesn't have the gall for his assaults on civil liberties anymore!

If the mainstream press is to be believed, Mr. Ashcroft will be but the first of President Bush/Cheney's weapons of mass deception to be surrendered.  In keeping with this analogy, I would propose that the Presidents are actually just upgrading the arsenal.  Biological weapons, after all, have a shelf life of only a few years.

Interestingly, the next weapons being discussed by the press as likely for upgrade or refit are Powell, Rumsfeld, Ridge, and Rice.  Powell, I have to believe, is a particularly tragic story of the loyal, professional soldier used and thrown away.  What a wonderful career this man could have had!  It will be interesting to see in what private sector Mr. Powell chooses to make his fortune.  Hmmm... retired military, former Secretary of State, extensive international connections, unquestioned loyalty to and from a sitting president, and a wealth of specific and classified knowledge of American weapons systems... can you say "Carlyle" or one of its subsidiaries?  I'd be willing to bet that he has a huge nest egg within about a year.

What about Rumsfeld?  I think he still considers himself quite the intellectual, and will return to a Neo-conservative "stink" tank to promote revisionism in support of the grand plan of American Empire.  He will continue to refine and promote, at least on paper, his beliefs that conventional warfare done on 'the cheap' is a viable prospect, and the morass that we now find in Iraq is an anomaly to be blamed on our own lack of will.

If Rumsfeld would instead like to make a little coin for himself, I think that he too could have an excellent career with Carlyle.  I picture him involved in security for the group.  He has developed wide international contacts, and truly knows what is involved in "disappearing" someone.  This would provide Rumsfeld with the added advantage of being out of the country as needed.  This might come in handy for him in a possible scenario in which we attempt to prosecute him for his role in the torture of prisoners yet unknown.  I certainly think he would be quite adept at disappearing himself or fleeing to a sympathetic embassy if need be.

Condi Rice, it seems, is being scheduled for a retrofit or an upgrade.  In my opinion, one of the most memorable scenes from Fahrenheit 9/11 was the clip where she was literally being grilled by the 9/11 commission.  You could almost hear the snap and pop of the grease in the pan as she shook her head from side to side and replied, "I believe it was titled 'Bin Laden determined to attack in America'".  Amazingly, she survived!  She, like her boss, Bush/Cheney, has taken the defense mechanism of denial to the level of an art form.  How could they possibly want to get rid of her?  All she really needs is an upgrade in stealth technology in which she would be able to get rid of the clumsy "tell" of shaking her head "no" when she is attempting to deceive. 

This, however, can sometimes be a difficult thing to achieve, as any good poker player will tell you.  When you exert a lot of energy to control your physical mannerisms, you often lose control over other forms of communication such as speech.  Take, as an example, George Bush.  One could argue that his frequent "Bushisms" are a result of attempting to promote a macho image of power and control while simultaneously not revealing that his hold cards suck!  When his administration does inevitably fold, it will be under tremendous and crippling deficits that the government cannot sustain.  Our government will lose its grub stake, which has been the ultimate goal of the Republican Bluff all along.  Sorry for the mixed metaphors here, but it had to be said.

We should all step back and admire with a critical eye as the administration rolls out its new arsenal.  I suspect the new Weapons of Mass Deception will all be outfitted or retrofitted with the administration's new, top secret, "moral positioning devices".  When utilized, these devices successfully channel any back blow or collateral damage of aggressive foreign or domestic policy into a "moral dampening field" which was supposedly established by mandate in the election.  Whether we like it or not, the Republicans have successfully reframed the laws of moral and sociological physics to their "Triple G. Theory".  What is the "Triple G. Theory", you might ask?  God, Gays, and Guns, of course!  Watch in awe, as these new Weapons of Mass Deception now use their "moral positioning devices" to deflect criticism and retarget one of these three favorite Republican firebrand issues.

How can we protect ourselves from the new WMDs?  To paraphrase Tom Ridge, every household can take measures to assure against any domestic terrorist threat.  Tom mentions duct tape and plastic right about here, and I'd have to agree that it would work but would not be entirely practical.  We can all duct tape over our eyes and ears to protect ourselves from the WMDs, but it would be hard to go about everyday business both sightless and deaf.  Instead, I would propose a massive inoculation of the population through public discourse.  The inoculation would diminish fear and hatred which is the glue of the Triple G. Theory.  Without the Triple G. buffer, the weapon's "moral positioning devices" are useless and the massive collateral damage and wanton destruction of the administration's policies become visible to everyone.

This in and of itself is not enough, however.  If the Democrats could learn one thing I would hope that they've maybe finally learned that just the truth really doesn't set you free. When everything finally becomes visible and clear to everyone, that is merely the call to arms, and the point at which Republicans traditionally pull out the brass knuckles. It will be a long and ugly fight to overturn this blossoming Plutocracy and return America to government of the people, by the people, and for the people.