I was reading this article this morning and something kept gnawing at me. Here is  Porter Goss, in his new capacity as director sending out missives admonishing those who remain at the CIA that they must support the Bush administration.  Over and above this transparent attempt at consolidating power, something struck me as very familiar about this behavior.  As the article progresses there are numerous quotations from Mr. Goss and it was striking the way he was framing intelligence as a "business" in describing the "product" that he wished to produce.

Where have I seen this before?  Then it dawned on me... Rupert Murdoch and Fox news!  Does anyone else find this more than a little disturbing?  I can see it now... new slogan for the CIA (or soon to be renamed FIN, for Fox Intelligence Network), "Fair and Balanced...  We Present, You Invade!"  How soon will it be before Mr. Goss begins developing the new "domestic intelligence product"?  Will the Gulfstream 5 and 737 begin making domestic flights for profit?

Well, I sort of feel like terrorism is alive and well in America, at least for 49% of the population!  What is a civil disobedient to do about this?

Just as I was about to click on the link for Canadian immigration, another thought occurred to me that might present a solution.  It came, as these things often do, as a form of mental judo when you reframe the problem in the solution.  In this case, I feel like we should take a cue from the enemy and utilize a "whisper campaign" made famous by Karl Rove and Bush Sr.

I hereby propose that Fox news and in the CIA are one and the same and indiscernible.  Think about it.  It was recently in the news that Rupert Murdoch is considering pulling the base of Fox news out of Australia and transplanting it to New York City.  Some people have said that there have been a number of clandestine meetings between Mr. Goss and Mr. Murdoch in anticipation of the move.  It is rumored that a number of things were discussed along the lines of shared resources, such as Psy-Ops, as well as future collaborations for economic benefits and market inroads.  High level sources quoted anonymously state that the CIA agent under the guise as a roving Fox news reporter would represent excellent cover and a benefit for both agencies.

It doesn't matter if this is true or not.  If we all say it loudly and often enough it will become true!  I dare say that there are a multitude of factoids floating around out there on the Internet just waiting to be congealed around this issue and provide overwhelming credibility!  And... Oh my God... what if this really is true and I've broken the story of the century!?  I've never ridden in a Gulfstream before...

Seriously, think about it.  If we succeed in pulling this off we will essentially kill two birds with one stone.  If every Fox news reporter or collaborator is viewed as a CIA agent, what happens to their credibility?  No one will ever talk openly to these bozos again!  If they don't cease and desist "investigative reporting" in numerous hotspots throughout the world I dare say the death toll of journalists which is already appalling will climb markedly.  Conversely every broadcast from Fox begins to be viewed as the Psy-Op that it really is!  Hopefully, Porter Goss and the CIA, in turn, will realize the danger in pursuing " fair and balanced" intelligence before Osama bin Laden ships a Russian nuclear firecracker to the Bush coronation in Washington, DC in January.*

*(I feel it necessary to state here that the above comments are merely satire and in no way represent any knowledge of any plot to harm the President or the United States of America. God Bless the USA. Thank-you.)