Condoleezza Rice

(With apologies to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boy’s, “Wouldn’t it be Nice”)

by The Dood



Condoleezza Rice ignored a folder

It warned Osama’s growin’ very strong

It said Al Qaeda wants a big airliner

To show the world America is wrong


And then they flew their planes into the towers

Ask her what she has to say…she glowers


Condoleezza Rice, you’ve heard the gossip

Really likes to buy expensive shoes

Always likes to wear her Ferragamos

Tramplin’ your right to hear the truth


The President could say her job was endin’

But with a little kiss he keeps…defendin’

His Little Condi Rice


Maybe when we link and fish and snoop around we’ll find the truth

Maybe then America will understand Iraq is screwed

Aluminum Tubin’…

It’s for Centrifugin’…


Condoleezza Rice


It really frightens me to think about it

Another lyin’ President…redoubted

Oh she’ll run, don’t doubt it!

Condoleezza Rice