12/14/04   A little late, but it had to be done...

RoveCo international is proud to announce two fine additions to our fall fashion lineup.  From POTUS-gear, makers of fine casual attire, come authentic replicas of recent jackets worn by Our Leader.  No more "chilly receptions" in one of these "Like Ike” jackets of either fine wool or synthetic!  Whether for that special "Man of the House" or the multibillion-dollar corporate chief executive, these jackets ooze "command presence"!

While personalized embroidery is available, we cannot reproduce "Commander in Chief" or include the Presidential Seal patch, as this would be disrespectful to both the man and the office.  We will be happy to personalize them with a name, a corporate title, or logo as you see fit.  Each comes with the mandatory and traditional American flag patch on the sleeve.

The "Like Ike" jacket comes in two different styles as above.  On the left is the lightweight wool polyester blend model for only $395.  To the right is the waterproof version, cotton lined, and made of Rip-Stop Poplin for only $495. Both are manufactured internationally with only the finest materials that the world has to offer America.  Both also include the custom padded privacy pouch between the shoulder blades for an MP3 player, communication device, or insulin pump.  No one will be the wiser, or your money back, guaranteed!

Wearing one of these fine jackets instantly aligns one with two of America's great Republican leaders!  Whether in the European Theater or in the Oval Office, Ike was the definition of strong leadership.  In leaving office, he wisely cautioned America against the growing threat of the military-industrial complex, and now you, too, can be a proud participant as President Bush fulfills this dream! 

If you order now, you will be eligible for a 20% off discount towards a commemorative pair of matched Colt 45 semi automatic pistols with matching holsters.  What a fine addition to these elegant jackets!  The pistol butts are both inlaid with only the finest Texas Longhorn, and these in turn are engraved with the Texas Air National Guard emblem.  The holsters are handcrafted from only the finest leather, custom dyed to match the jackets.  You can command attention on any occasion, because everyone knows that nothing has the stopping power of a 45! 

Order now, our toll-free operators are standing by in Bangladesh.  Visa, MasterCard, and the new Political Capital Card are all accepted. 

RoveCo international is a proud supporter of the new Political Capital Card from Helluvaburden.  As such, cardholders will receive an additional 10% off by mentioning this ad.  Just say, "I want to be like Ike!"

   Political Capital Card, the card that cares... for you!  So you don't have to!