12/14/04     My sincere apologies to Ireland and everyone Irish, and anyone that thinks that they might be Irish for ruining their "National Anthem", "Oh Danny Boy".  It's a beautiful song, and one of my all time favorites, but unfortunately it lent itself well as a send up for Donald Rumsfeld and the needless deaths of our soldiers.  I started writing this as a parody, but as these things often do, it took on a life of its own. By the end it was not really funny, but I found myself very moved and saddened. I will give the majority of the credit for this to the beauty of the melody. Submitted for your approval...

Oh Rummy Boy (to the tune of "Oh Danny Boy")

by The Dood


Oh Rummy boy, the troops, the troops are fallin’

From IED’s they’ve got no place to hide

Their Hummer’s sawn, in half from all the straifin’

It’s you, it’s you must go or they will die


Don’t come ye back to this Iraqi sideshow

And brag the Army’s really good to go

For they’ll be there unarmored and in sorrow

Oh Rummy boy, oh Rummy boy, you’ve got to go   


Uranium and all the Napalm’s  flyin’ 

It’s you who’ve led, and spread this misery

You have declined to face and share the cryin’

You wheel and say " The War of Will’s not Free" 


But they will bear aloft the dread so gloomy

And fight the grave with armor over seas

That we will send, and tell them that we love them 

And you, you’ll keep in place your war done on the cheap