Arrest Bush


Ever since Abu Ghraib broke into the news I have been so sickened at the loss of our country's stature, as well as the evil which has been done. This evil was done to people who, as more is learned, are turning out to have never been "combatants" at all. The really devastating thing from the standpoint of our national interests is that the instant the story broke to the world; it signaled the end of any hope whatsoever of America having any civil influence in the Middle East for centuries to come. It is such a helpless feeling to see this for what it is and not be able to do anything about it.

Even more infuriating is the clear paper trail from the accused soldiers all the way to the commander in chief. Far from conspiracy theory, it is well established that after questionable legal consultation, George Bush made it policy to reject codes of international conduct. This “trickled down” throughout the ranks of the servicemen as well as the CIA. When asked a direct question about this decision during one of the debates, Mr. Bush stated, and I’m paraphrasing, “I will not let our men be tried as war criminals.” This statement implies a great deal of premeditation.

We may never know if this torture was effective in gathering further information or saving American, Iraqi, or Afghani lives. What we do know is that most studies show that torture is not effective at all in producing useful information. Quite simply, after you yank one of the Dood’s toenails, I will tell you anything you want to hear to try to save the other ones!

Torture-Gate is but one of a number of prosecutable offenses perpetrated by Mr. Bush and his administration. Another would be directly lying to congress to promote the war in Iraq in the first place. Many say that this, in itself, is an impeachable offense. Where is the righteous indignation in congress? Is this issue really that murky after numerous investigations, and more to be revealed after the election? We spent $70 million dollars of taxpayer money on the strength of a stained dress to try to impeach President Clinton. We’ve spent $120+ billion taxpayer dollars and lost 1100+ American lives on the strength of willful distortions about a shipment of aluminum rocket tubes. What am I missing here? Is it that lying is OK, unless it’s about a tawdry affair? To paraphrase Mr. Clinton, “It’s the Oil, stupid!” If the Oil was being distilled and used exclusively for some type of sexual lubricant… now that’s grounds for impeachment!

In an effort to deal with my helplessness and frustration that no one is listening and these stories are fading from America’s consciousness, the Dood took a cue from Bill Walton vs. Richard Nixon. I now sign all of my emails as "Arrest Bush" or variations thereof.

My fantasy is that the FBI really has some decent patriotic people left who have the courage to follow through. In an effort to pop up on Carnivore and get their attention, I also add in parenthesis random words of interest such as "jihad, ricin, bomb, Osama" and such. Thusly, I will end a typical email with "Arrest Bush (plutonium, Kandahar, toxin)"

My friends think I'm a little nutty, but they're tolerant, and I honestly feel better, because I can think I'm doing something. My next thought is to change the font at the end of my emails and figure out how to do the parenthetical content in Farsi.

Alas, no contacts with the FBI to date, to plead my case for arresting Bush, but maybe they're aware, building their own case, and feel it's better not to contact me. That’s kind of the way they work, methodical and behind the scenes and all, in the movies I’ve seen. I've tried to get others to follow suit, thinking that a grassroots groundswell might do the trick and tip the Feds into action, but no takers. It's just as well. From what I've read in the news lately, they have their hands full with trying to translate a ton of legitimate terrorist messages.

Arrest Bush (target, funds, Fallujah, mines)




I found a cool website that will let you translate English into Farsi for free. I don’t want to get into trouble for linking to a site without permission, but if you’re curious, just Google “free online farsi translation”. If you’re interested you can also copy and paste the handy terms listed below if you want. This ought to get Carnivore’s pulse racing a little faster!

Bomb  بمباران کنید

Suicide  خودکشی

Jihad  جهاد

Detonator  چاشنی

Arrest Bush  دستگیرکنید Bush