Gulf War Memorial


I’d like to propose a future war memorial for our brave sons and daughters now fighting the war on terror in Iraq. With a nod towards the initial controversy of the Vietnam War Memorial, this would be a long, sprawling, and twisting sculpture that would originate at the White House and wend its way around the Capitol finally ending possibly in front of the Vietnam Memorial.

There would be plenty of room for the names of all of those who have given their lives, and even those who have been wounded, as many of them have made a horrific and eternal sacrifice.  This could be begun even before the War on Terror has ended, with the thought that the structure will continually expand as more make the ultimate sacrifice.

Some where around the middle, say, near the Washington Monument, the sculpture could simulate some kind of structural catastrophic collapse, or rupture, as a reminder of the horrors and destruction of war. A large, ironic, eternal flame would emit from this gaping wound, representing the waste and greed often associated with war. As a deferment to those fonder of traditional memorials, this would also be an excellent and symbolic spot to place the Army-commissioned memorial sculpture by the Iraqi artist Kalat made from the melted down statues of Saddam Hussein.

This really gives me goose bumps thinking about it!  Oh…no… wait… let me check the thermostat. Dang!  Oops… the heating oil tank outside just ran dry!