07/02/05  Rove Caught With Pants Down Over Plame: Photographic Proof

These are hot off my digital camera from my latest trip to the future:

A stunned Karl Rove is overwhelmed in his own home by reporters seeking comment after the story breaks in the Washington Post that he orchestrated the the outing of Valerie Plame with a phone call from Air Force One. Ironically, he is seen here reading the very article in the Post. When asked for a comment, Mr. Rove simply spluttered, became flushed, and said "No comment... and could you people please knock, for Christ's sake!"


And the simultaneous scene from the White House:

"No! YOU calm down, Dick! Christ, we are SO f___ed!  NO!  I'M calling this one!  Yeah?!?  Well... you and the horse you rode in on, too!"

"Scotty... get me Rumsfeld... and make it tonto!  I don't care... wake his ass up!  Don... listen up... this POTUS... verification code: dubya niner-niner... "Chicken Hawk Down"!... I repeat... "Chicken Hawk Down"!... and may God help us all... "Broken Arrow!"  I repeat... "Broken Arrow!"