12/23/04  "Where's the Veep?"

Where’s the Veep?...

Duck season!…Wabbit season!...Duck season!...Wabbit season!

Oh pwease, Mr. Game Wahden, can you tew us what season it weewee is?

Why coitenee, my boy! It’s Iraqi insurgent season!

Be vewy qwiet, weew hunting Iwaqis! Hu,hu,hu,hu! Say yuh pwayuhs you Iwaqi Wascals!


But seriously, with all of the difficulties and controversies swirling around Donald Rumsfeld, Dub admitting that "the peace" is not going well in Iraq, and the recent suicide bombing in Mosul, why is Dickey boy heading off to South Carolina for a little duck hunting?  I submit that after a hard-fought (stolen?) election and a recent scare over another possible heart attack, "the president" is putting in for a little "R. and R." By all accounts, Dub, with bags in hand, was ready to head for Camp David himself before the Mosul incident.  Unfortunately, he got stuck with minding the shop.

In the good is bad, bad is good, up is down, and down is up reality of this "Or-Rovian" administration, things are actually going swimmingly and virtually according to plan.  Dub will continue to stick to the game plan of portraying the authoritarian father figure, and to continue to return the loyalty of his son Donald.  The "evil people" outside of the family, possibly including even a few Republicans, will continue to pursue Rumsfeld at their own risk.  The hue and cry may rise to the point that Rummy is eventually gotten rid of, but it will be done in such a way that Dub will be portrayed as having done everything that he could out of returned loyalty.  They will then extract a huge price, political capital wise, from the dissenting Republicans, and plow this right back into gutting social security and further crippling the federal government with their "tax reform". 

If Rummy stays, it's still all good, but the domestic agenda becomes a little more difficult without the political capital.  My prediction is that Rove will continue to play out this little psychodrama for as long as possible.  It's a win-win scenario.  The longer that Rumsfeld "fights the good fight" against these "baseless charges" the longer the administration will be able to run roughshod over the Iraqis and lay the groundwork for a little jaunt into Iran or Syria.  What do you want to bet that over the course of this weekend and possibly this coming week, more information "trickles out" about the torso and suicide vest shards left behind in the Mosul incident?  Maybe a piece of a "high quality  forged passport" that could only possibly be done in Iran or Syria, or better yet the shrapnel is linked to ball bearings of "incredibly precise specifications" suitable only for use in a Russian-made Iranian nuclear reactor.  "Those sneaky, evil bastards killed our soldiers!", and it's off to the races we go again, 'creating more history as we go' before anyone has time to question it.

I submit that all Democrat and dissenting Republican leaders are but window dressing or a dramatic foil at this point.  The only thing that will bring this insanity to a halt is if the Bush administration suddenly finds itself having to fight a "war" on two fronts, with the second front being right here at home.  If history is to repeat itself, things will continue to get worse until people have had enough and take to the streets.  Sadly, this administration is demonstrating daily in Iraq the degree in which it will indulge in bloodlust to advance its causes.  If the usurpation of our civil rights and liberties in this country by this administration is any indication or foreshadowing, I feel that the Bush/Cheney administration will have no problems saying to their own countrymen, "bring ‘em on!"

By the way, if you're duck hunting in South Carolina this week, be sure to proudly display your flag pin or republican pin prominently on your camouflage outfit for your own safety.  Despite his Secret Service protection, Elmer may be a little trigger happy after Mosul, and see Iwaqis everywhere.  Keep your head down.